2021 K9 Wall of Honor

Every year, hundreds of working dogs give their lives either in the line of duty or after a lifetime of service. These heroic dogs did not volunteer for the careers in which they found themselves. They were drafted, conscripted by their innate drive, ferocity, and athleticism to serve as warriors, searchers, and guardians alongside their human counterparts.

We must never underestimate or forget the sacrifice these brave creatures made to keep our society and world a little bit safer. Below are the names and stories of many of these K9s.

Blue stars indicate killed in service/on duty.

Salina, KS PD
EOW 1/9/2021
Karma served an 8+ year career providing services to the citizens of Salina with three handlers. The Belgian Malinois participated in hundreds of police activities yearly, including patrol enforcement, narcotics detection, community events, school and community demonstrations, tracking wanted and missing persons, and protecting the safety of others. She passed away due to complications from kidney disease.
Cullman County, AL Sheriff’s Office
EOW 01/05/2021
Figo and his handler were injured in a car accident in February 2020. The Belgian Malinois went through intensive rehab and had made progress, but recently had developed health issues. Figo was with the department about three years.
Routt County, CO SD (Ret.)
EOW 1-3-2021
Boomer was born in the Czech Republic in 2013. The German Shepherd started with the department in 2015 and worked with them until 2020 when he developed a serious medical condition. Once Boomer retired he loved playing with his giant ball, swimming, and playing with his doggy friend Mia.
Chatham County, GA Sheriff’s Office
EOW 1/6/2021
Kyra served with the department for six years. The Belgian Malinois was credited with many successful deployments including as a detection dog during the PGA Masters. When not working, she enjoyed playing with her housemate dog, a Boxer.
Great Bend, KS PD (Ret.)
EOW 1/6/2021
Lazar came to the department from USK9s Unlimited. The striking German Shepherd served from 2015 until 2019. He was retired due to mobility issues and lived out his days with his handler’s family. Recently he had a downturn in his condition and it was decided humane euthanasia was the best option.