Summer Vacation

Here we are, right in the heart of the summer vacation season. While many of us will pack up our best friends for camping trips or cross country treks, furry family members often end up in some sort of boarding situation while we have our fun in the sun.

So, if you are looking for a place to take care of your dog(or cat) how do you find a good, safe facility? It can be harder than you think.


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Wordless Wednesday 7/18/18

A Thriftstore Gem

Recently, we made a trip through Yellow Springs, Ohio. While there, we stopped in to a number of interesting shops, most steeped in Haight Ashbury nostalgia and reeking og patchouli. One of the highlights, mainly for its lack of cloying incense, was Darkstar Books and Gifts. An cool little place with an incredible selection of comics, hardbacks, and interesting pop culture paraphernalia. On one of the shelves, marked at only five dollars, I discovered this. Continue reading “Wordless Wednesday 7/18/18”