Fuzzybutts Dry Goods

We help pets and their people live wonderful lives.

They are more than pets, they’re family.

We go through all the hype of marketing and advertising to find the very highest quality food for your pets. We look for toys that don’t just occupy them for a few minutes, but will challenge them to think, train them, and give them countless hours of enjoyment.

Got dirt? We also have self-wash tubs available, so you can come in with a dirty dog, we provide the shampoo, towels, and brushes, so you can go home with a snuggly clean pooch and leave the mess to us.

Need a helping hand with behavior issues? Sign up for training lessons and get the benefit of years of hands on training experience. We ONLY use the most positive methods to help you not only train your dog, but to build a better relationship with your dog. At the end of the day, if your pooch (or cat) needs some relief from a long day exercising or those aches and pains associated with aging, we offer canine massage from a certified canine massage therapist.

Show your best friends how much they mean to you. Bring them to Fuzzybutts Dry Goods.

We help pets and their people live wonderful lives.

Open now at

3022 Harrison Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45211



Nail trims                                $10

Self-serve bath

Small/medium size      $12

Large/furry                   $15

Bath by appointment           $35

Dog training (at home)         $65/session

Canine fitness training         $35/ half-hour session

Canine massage                      $35 session