Friend, companion, confidante

Dogs are more than just pets. They are our confidantes, our companions. They are our sidekicks, our cohorts, our comic-relief. They are our biggest supporters and our constant champions. They are our best friends. They are family. No where in the world is this more apparent than it is here in the good old, USA….

I Will Run

Give a new track a listen and help out some important charities.


“May you live in interesting times,” can be a blessing or curse, but either way, we are seeing some interesting times now and how we react will have lasting impacts.

Training Your Competition?

Hiring seems like a non-stop process in the pet industry. There are lots of reasons for this, low wages, long hours with lots of holidays and weekends, employee burnout are just a few. With all these threats to staffing, are you doing anything to keep your best employees, or are you training your competition’s best new hires?