Friend, companion, confidante

Dogs are more than just pets. They are our confidantes, our companions. They are our sidekicks, our cohorts, our comic-relief. They are our biggest supporters and our constant champions. They are our best friends. They are family. No where in the world is this more apparent than it is here in the good old, USA….

Last Stop

The final stop on The American Canine’s big European adventure takes to a beautiful city with a big love for dogs.

This Place Rings a Bell

One of the most important figures in dog training made his groundbreaking behavior discovery in Saint Petersburg, Russia and in more recent times, the former Leningrad was known as a heaven on earth to stray dogs. We learned a little about both those chapters in the city’s history as well as exploring some current canine…

Finland and Fido

The European adventure continues as we meet some “koirat” in Finland.

Land of Fire and Ice

The American Canine on the road…or in the air. We make a quick stop in Iceland as we begin our European adventure to find out why you won’t see many “hundar” in the city.