Born to Run

To mark National Police K9 Day, runners hit the streets to help raise money and awareness for a great non-profit, K9s United. Find out more about their important mission in this week’s post.

Trained Tricks or Real Talk?

Ever wish your dog could let you know what she’s thinking? One woman thinks she may have found a way to communicate with canines.

Sacrificed for Science

On this day 62 years ago a small, former Moscow street dog became a worldwide celebrity. That fame came at the cost of her life. On November 3, 1957, Laika became the first creature from earth to enter space. As part of the Soviet space program she was one of numerous formally homeless dogs used…

Old dogs, new science

We will probably never know the answer to one of life’s longest running and most mysterious questions. No, not “why are we here?” but “why are our dogs here? “ More specifically, how did a wild animal, fully capable of killing a man especially in pack mode, come to be our best friends and most…