When You Need a Friend

Soldiers coming home from deployment deal with many struggles, but they shouldn’t have to do it alone. One woman is working to make sure they have a friend by their side. Her story of training service dogs for veterans comes at a special time in the effort to team up dogs and vets.

Out of Service

Service dogs can wonders for someone who needs them, but online frauds make it easy for businesses who want to prey on the uninformed and people who want to game the system.

Unsung Hero

The epic true tale of an unsung hero comes to life on Disney+.
Learn some of this amazing dog’s history before you see the movie.

History in my Home State

The new school year is just underway, but fall sports are already in full swing. In my home state of Iowa, one high school athlete has made history, with the help of his four-legged friend. Here’s more on this incredible partnership.