I have spent my life around dogs. Some of my first memories are of the times I spent with our Great Dane, Benjamin. 

miscjuly 012
Tony with Ben

We had a procession of animals go through our home as I grew up, many because of my willingness to take in every stray pooch that passed by. I also began learning about training and working with dogs from our little Spitz-mix, Bosco.

miscjuly 017
With Bosco as a puppy
miscjuly 009
Bosco wins the Page County Fair

I studied at Ball State University where I majored in Telecommunications and Media. During the years of my professional career, I not only had my own wonderful dog, Dharma, from whom I learned a lifetime of lessons, but I also volunteered with several animal shelters and rescues.

Two Years
Dharma at Ball State

After Dharma’s passing, I decided I wanted to help others build the kind of relationship I had with her, so I began studying canine behavior and training and pursuing the field full time.

Today, I  work with a number of area rescues on some of their behavioral challenges and in transporting dogs out of shelters and into foster homes. I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Animal Behavior Society.
Last and certainly not least, I am the proud pet-parent to Bacchus, and Pixie as well as fostering the occasional homeless hound.
Tony with Daisy
Smiling with Daisy

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