Favorite Fidos

It is that time of year again, the American kennel club has released a list of the most popular breeds for the previous year. To be fair to all dog kind, this is only a list of the most common registered purebred dogs. It has no real correlation to the most popular breeds in the…


“May you live in interesting times,” can be a blessing or curse, but either way, we are seeing some interesting times now and how we react will have lasting impacts.

Do your homework

The holidays are a busy time for boarding kennels, and many fill up quickly. When that happens, often people turn to apps like Rover. Be sure to do your homework before you leave your furry family member in the care of anyone you don’t know. https://video-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.9040-2/46308919_200694264190359_3817581346042150912_n.mp4?_nc_cat=111&efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjo3MjEsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoic3ZlX3NkIn0%3D&rl=300&vabr=166&_nc_ht=video-ort2-2.xx&oh=4add2dabbf61c89071ccaa4bc866bee8&oe=5BF55A99

Post-apocalypse Hero

A new video game is hitting shelves this month and it has tails wagging. Once again, designers have realized that everyone loves dogs, even diehard gamers. Click the pic to learn more about the real life pup behind the newest hero of Fallout 4.

Tales of Two Cities

I try not to post a lot of the canine-based articles I see on my news feed in a day. Some are too fluffy, many are too horrific. Today, though, two side-by-side stories showed the huge disparity between the way people treat their companion animals in this country in such dramatic fashion that I thought I would…