When You Need a Friend

Soldiers coming home from deployment deal with many struggles, but they shouldn’t have to do it alone. One woman is working to make sure they have a friend by their side. Her story of training service dogs for veterans comes at a special time in the effort to team up dogs and vets.

Talking Training with Deb Zappia

From pet dogs to the World Championship podium, Deb Zappia has taken an incredible journey and it’s not done yet. Listen to our conversation about her latest project and what’s in store for the future of schutzhund training.

The Reward in Failure

Cars from all over the area, some as far away as Oregon lined the spots in the parking lot in Frontier Park in Graham, Washington, on the last Saturday in March. The day started in prime Pacific Northwest fashion, cold, wet, and overcast. It was the spring trial for Twin County Schutzhund Club, the first…