Wordless Wednesday 9/12/18

I made a whirlwind trip to Portland Oregon last week. That is a city that truly loves its dogs. Here are a few of the canine-centric sites from the weekend, including the pet-friendly layover at Chicago’s Midway Airport.

Wordless Wednesday 7/18/18

A Thriftstore Gem Recently, we made a trip through Yellow Springs, Ohio. While there, we stopped in to a number of interesting shops, most steeped in Haight Ashbury nostalgia and reeking og patchouli. One of the highlights, mainly for its lack of cloying incense, was Darkstar Books and Gifts. An cool little place with an…

Wordless Wednesday 4/24/18

We had a visitor over the weekend. Always a good reminder of why we don’t have puppies. Lol. ​ ​

Wordless Wednesday 4/18/18

First, let me apologize for my lack of posting. My New Year’s resolution was to be more consistent, I just did not realize that I would be consistently not posting. For this Wordless Wednesday, I want to show off some pictures I took during the Matt Haverkamp Foundation’s Matt’s Pursuit 5K, which took place last…

Wordless Wednesday 2/14/18

On this Valentine’s Day, this Wordless Wednesday, I am truly left speechless. Once again students come under fire and dozens of families get the news that their children will not be returning home. There will be prayers, there will be tears, and nothing will happen. My thoughts on it from this previous blog. http://american-canine.com/2017/10/05/we-dont-care/