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         Now available for contactless daily visits and distance lessons!

We are living in a new world due to COVID 19. All of our lives are changing due to the new methods and restrictions on our activities. This can be confusing for your dog and can be difficult for you if you are trying to work from home with an anxious or energetic dog demanding your attention in the background.

Following appropriate social distancing guidelines, I am available to take your dog for constructive midday lessons or walks so you can focus on work or other commitments. I can give your dog a workout so they are focused and calm when you want to spend time with them. This is a great opportunity to turn your pup’s usual dog-walking session into a powerful private fitness session.

If you were one of the many people who took this opportunity to adopt or foster a dog when the lockdown began, I can also give custom distance lessons through Zoom, Facetime, or MyMeeting apps. Contact me today for more information.


I am experienced with many aspects of dog behavior from puppy-raising to serious problems like unwanted aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and destructive home behaviors. I believe almost any dog can be a fantastic companion given the proper motivation and training. I use science-based methods and utilize the most up-to-date research to help form a complete training program.

Contact Tony at for more information.

Got a business of your own?

Tony has spent more than a decade running several exceptional pet-related businesses and you can take advantage of his years of experience. He provides business consulting services to doggy daycares, boarding kennels, and out-of-area training services. His expertise covers everything from kennel design, permitting, and dog handling to staff training, policy and procedure, and HR. Contact him today for more information.