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         Now serving NE Portland area!

My training through Fuzzybutts PDX focuses on canine fitness. With more than 80% of America’s pet population bordering I use a variety of exercises and training methods to help them lose weight and stay healthy. In private sessions, we will work with your dog to develop a solid and engaging regimen that is easy to follow and suited for whatever level your dog is comfortable with. I am also available for drop in sessions, coming by when you are at work or busy with other commitments to give your dog a workout so they are focused and calm when you want to spend time with them. This is a great opportunity to turn your pup’s usual dog-walking session into a powerful private fitness session.



I am also available to help solve problems such as unwanted aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and destructive home behaviors. I believe almost any dog can be a fantastic companion given the proper motivation and training. I use science-based methods and utilize the most up-to-date research to help form a complete training program.

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Got a business of your own?

Tony has spent more than a decade running several exceptional pet-related businesses and you can take advantage of his years of experience. He provides business consulting services to doggy daycares, boarding kennels, and out-of-area training services. His expertise covers everything from kennel design, permitting, and dog handling to staff training, policy and procedure, and HR. Contact him today for more information.