Last night I had a dream- Man and Dog were taking a walk along a wide path in the woods. As they walked scenes from Man’s life flashed on the sky above them. Man turned and looked back at the footprints and paw prints through their lives.

Is AKC bad for dogs?

Millions of people tuned in this week to watch the AKC Westminster Dog Show. It is one of the most watched dog shows in the world and what a spectacle it is. Pooches pampered to the extreme and doted over almost as neurotically as the miniature Miss America’s in “Toddlers in Tiaras.” But does the…

Drugging your dogs

Pet prescription for behavioral problems is big business.Pet owners coughed up 7 BILLION dollars for the animal equivalent of drugs like prozac and xanax. Is it right?

Pixie’s problems

It’s been a traumatic week for little Pixie Buttercup. The snow shot is how she looked prior to the swelling.