Dogs to the Rescue

Don’t worry. We got this.

Loss for Words

My dear, sweet boy. You seem to have taken nearly all my words with you when you left and all I have left must say everything I feel and want you to know.  It is one word but it is so huge I can hardly utter it. It is “goodbye.” Snuffy, aka Snuffybear, aka Snuffleupagus,…

Difficult Days

when you come to understand “the rest of his life” now means a week at best, probably days and you realize how profoundly one little dog has impacted your life and the rock in the pit of your belly is huge and heavy and hollow all at the same time. That’s today.

Wordless Wednesday 10/8/14

A few words on Wordless Wednesday. Today, my little buddy is going in for surgery for Lar-Par, or laryngeal paralysis. Some of you may recall our episode a while back, but his condition has steadily and dramatically gotten worse. Our hope is that this can help Snuff enjoy his remaining time with us, no matter…