Milestones and Messes

It has been an eventful time here at chez Kittelson-McFee. Willow has marked not one, but two major events in her life with us.

First, she dropped below the 75 pound mark. At the last weigh in, she tipped the scales at 74 pounds – a 14 pound drop from July! She still does not like her walks, but we keep at it. She does seem to like her trips to the dog park, so maybe we will try more of those.
Which leads us to her next big event. She made her first trip to “work” with me.

She had mixed feelings about spending a day in daycare. At first she was fine. She went trundling into the building and even managed to hop up the stairs(ther are only three of them). Once in the pen, she was still ok. Snuffy went with her for her first day so she wouldn’t feel so alone, but I don’t think she noticed him much. She went around, sniffing and being sniffed. Small dogs climbed over her. One co-worker(Herb) said seeing her hop around on her three legs and stump made his heart hurt. I left her there and went down to the office to work.
A half-hour later the barking began. It did not stop. We muzzled her and it did not stop. We brought her out of the pen and to the office with me where she was fine until I went somewhere else, at which point the barking began again. In earnest. So maybe she won’t be making a lot of trips to daycare, but it was a start.
We also had a few negative moments.
Heather made some very cute beds for the pups. She used a 2″ batting and made a nice fleece cover to go over it. She then sewed a very pretty puppy print flannel fabric cover sort of like a pillow case to make for easy washing to go over it.
Lokie had it for a day. 1 day. While locked in his crate, he destroyed it. That deserves capitals. He DESTROYED it. Not only did he ruin his bed, but somehow managed to pull Willow’s from her crate, through the wire crate into his wire crate and chewed hers up as well.You can see the pink girly fabric that was her bed.To get an idea of how much he shredded this, these were 42″ x 28″ beds.

Here he is looking (not very) guilty about it.

That should be bad enough, but no. Being the dog-loving people we are, we couldn’t let him go without a bed. So we made 2 trips to JoAnn Fabric to get orthopedic foam for the core- all the better for those weary puppy bones -and some nice cozy fleece fabric. Not only was it warm and cuddly for the pups, but it was a cool pattern of sugar skulls.
Move forward in time two days. 2 days. Heather left me a message that said, it was nice while it lasted. To be completely honest it is not overly damaged, definitely not to the extent of the other bed, but it now has a big hole in the middle. This time though he will have to learn to live with it. At least until he shreds it too much to use.

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