Here comes another one just like the other one


But this one is a bit different.
Dexter went on to his new forever home last weekend, but we were called on again to offer a short-term home to a foster dog.
Lucky joined us Tuesday. The rescue believes he is less than a year old and a malamute mix, but I see a bit of Great Pyrenees in him.
He has a sad back story(but don’t they all?).
Lucky spent a great portion of his early life tied on a chain in someone’s yard. He was on it for so long that he now has a semi-permanent ring of missing hair and scar around his neck. He went into a shelter, was rescued and adopted. The family that took him returned him after only a short time, saying he lunged at traffic and bikes and was unmanageable.So he is once more looking for that perfect home.
Now, maybe his behavior was different with them, but I have not seen any interest from him in cars or chasing traffic and when a bicyclist rode past us on our walk, he hardly turned his head.
He does have an almost obsessive interest in our cat, but right now I cannot tell if that is prey drive or fear of her- she does have the other dogs walking softly when she is around. He barks at her occasionally, but when she stops and faces him, he makes sure he takes a few skittering steps to be out of her reach.
He is crate trained and was good for his bath. He knows “sit” and “down” and is very gentle when taking treats. If anyone knows of someone looking for a fantastic dog, contact this blog.
I will add pix soon.


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