Almost through it

Back to the vet…again.

After 5, yes, 5 trips to the vet, Daisy is now out of her splint. I think the vet may have simply given up.
Heather and I have sat through several lectures by the vet, the tech and the assistant about our need to keep Daisy immobile and  off her foot. We even switched to using a sedative to slow her down, and had them up the dosage when it had no effect.
She wore a raw spot on her paw from the splint rubbing and we’ve treated that.
Now, finally, they have said let it go. She is still supposed to take it easy(yeah, right) but no more splint.
We will be back in for a follow up x-ray in 2 weeks, but for now Dr. Donovan believes it is healing well and she should be good to go in no time.


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