Unfortunately, it never ends.

The Humane Society estimates there are 6-8 million dogs and cats that go into shelters every year. As many as half of those will be killed.
That is one of the many reasons that we open our home to rescued dogs, with the high hope that they get adopted.
We’ve told a few of the stories here. There are many more dogs that touch our lives in one way or another through our volunteer work and contributions that we never even discuss. Dogs like the 200+ per month helped by Old Dog Haven. The dozens that we transport from shelters to foster homes every year. The thousands adopted out thanks in part to our donations to rescue groups.
A local rescue group found itself in a bit of a bind recently and we stepped in to help. A number of fosters unfortunately had to back out of their committments after a truckload of dogs from a high-kill shelter in California came up to an adoption event in Seattle.
We had volunteered to take one dog into our house, but ended up with three new residents: Bueller, Shadow, and Ordie.

A few days later another foster stepped in to take Bueller and within a day decided to become his forever home. Yay Bueller.
Now, after three more adoption events and nearly a month, we still have our 2 houseguests.

Shadow                                                                          Ordie(whom we call Rigby)

Shadow- aka Sombra aka Slappy- is a super sweet incredible docile Dutch Shepherd mix about 10 months old. He is good on a leash, good with sit, but do NOT raise your voice or move to fast or he will drop to the floor like your about to beat him. He is good with, but unsure about, other dogs. He tries to play at times, but is too intimidated.
Ordie we call Rigby. He is a very good natured guy once he gets to know you. He is extremely timid. New people and places are not just scary to him, but terrifying. Even from 50 feet away, seeing someone walking down the street can instill panic in him. He will take someone with a lot of patience, but will return the committment with incredible loyalty and a lot of love. We guess he is about 2-3 years old.
If anyone knows someone looking for a graet dog, send them this way.


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