Last night I had a dream-

Man and Dog were taking a walk along a wide path in the woods.

As they walked scenes from Man’s life flashed on the sky above them.

Man turned and looked back at the footprints and paw prints through their lives.

“Dog,” he said, “I thought you were my loyal companion, my best friend.”

“Yet, when I look at our tracks, I see when things were at their worst for me, you left me alone.”

“Foolish man,” Dog said, “I have always been with you.”

“Here,” he said pointing out the tracks, “you were surrounded by your enemies.”

“I ran into the darkness to bark and bite and hold all those who wished you harm at bay.”

“And here,” he said, “when you were hungry, I went into the wilderness to hunt the rabbit you ate that night.”

“When you were cold, I fetched sticks for your fire to keep you warm.”

“And here,” he said pointing at recent tracks along the path, “here is where I let you carry me so you could feel my heart beat next to yours”

“So you would know that in your moments of deepest despair you had a trusted friend you could hold close.”

When Dog finished speaking, Man looked down at him for a long moment

Then scratched him behind his ears.

“Good dog,” he said. “Good dog.”




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