Pixie’s Recovery or The 3-Day Buzz


So this is a bit (or very much) late. Pixie spent the night at ACCES. The docs consider 30mg/kg of body weight dangerous levels of phenobarbitol for dogs. Ms. Buttercup was pegging the needle at 64mg/kg. So, in addition to feeding her charcoal and inducing vomiting, they tried a relatively new treatment which injected lipids(fat) into her system so the drug would bond to that instead of running through teh system. The biggest concerns overnight were that 1) she would get so “relaxed” that she would stop breathing; and 2) that the drug would cause irreversible kidney damage.

She did get to come home the next day once the vet decided she was through the most dangerous time. However, she was still wobbly. Maybe “wobbly” is too soft a term. She was whacked out. She couldn’t walk staright and she still had a glazed, stoned look to her eyes.For the next two days she wondered around the house like a Tommy Chong wanna-be. Luckily, the blood tests showed no permanent damage and the  buzz wore off by the fourth day.


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