A “Game-Changer” for Population Control?


Almost no one argues that pet overpopulation is not a problem. It is. I volunteer in a local shelter and with several rescues and the plight of unwanted dogs is dire.  Spay and neuter efforts have made some inroads toward curbing the issue, but many people who might otherwise be good dog owners have hesitations in putting their dog through the procedure. One issue I hear come up, much more from men dog owners than from women, is the concern over the dog’s testicles. We all know how much our mutts enjoy their nuts, after all, they lick them with a dedication and constancy that is hard not to notice, but are actually just projecting our own feelings about our manhood onto our pets? Most likely. However, beginning today, there is a new method on the market that could eliminate the need to do surgical spays and neuters, thanks to a drug called zeutrin.

injection sterilization


Makers of the injection say this method of castration can be done at 1/5 the cost per dog than traditional surgery and in a fraction of the time, making this FDA approved method a “game-changer” according to one spay/neuter advocate.

I am not a supporter of mandatory spay/neuter laws, but I do believe that if you have a dog that you do not plan to breed* or show, and it is fully matured, you should have it altered. If you think otherwise, remember, according to the US Humane Society, some 2.7 MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the US.

*I am a firm believer in good breeder standards and ethics, but that is a post and argument for another day.


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