Dogs of Anarchy

I am a volunteer trainer for a great rescue in this area called Bulldog Haven Northwest. This tireless group of volunteers helps rehabilitate and rehome dozens of French and English bulldogs every year. Unfortunately, many of the dogs that come into rescue are in serious need of just that, serious rescuing. The breed is plagued with allergies, skin conditions, cleft palates, cysts and a whole assortment of other genetic maladies in addition to having some pretty significant behavioral challenges.(There’s a reason the saying talks about the tenacity of a bulldog, not the tenacity of a cocker spaniel.) All these incredible efforts that they make for the dogs require money. They just did a fundraiser, using a take-off of a popular show you may have heard of, Sons of Anarchy.

Dogs of Anarchy
Dogs of Anarchy

While Loki is not a bulldog, he has had the pleasure of meeting many of them and hopes you can find it in your heart to reach out and offer this group a little help.


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