Tanks for the Memories


Every foster dog finds its way into your heart. Even the ones like Tank.

Tank was a special case from the beginning. He came into our lives as a stray at Kitsap Humane Society where he was literally minutes from death when I pulled him from the shelter and took him home. That was the week of Valentine’s Day.

Tank at KHS
Tank at KHS2014-02-17 12.28.24

He had some issues. He came here unable to get along with any of our dogs. He stayed in his own suite above the garage. Time passed. He began to play with our dogs, even Pixie could stare him down. 2014-02-21 14.01.56

He moved into the laundry room and slowly began learning there is a difference between how we act outside and how we act inside. He moved into the house. We had scuffles. We made up.

2014-02-17 17.05.10  2014-02-24 19.41.24

This Saturday, he met the perfect match through Northwest German Shepherd Rescue. A semi-retired couple with several acres traveled hours to meet him. Within minutes of meeting them, he was forcing his stuffed frog into her lap and leaning into the man for pets. When he left, he hardly spared us a glance. He hopped into their SUV and rode away.

Good luck, Tank. It was nice to meet you, buddy, but you have to go home now.

                                         2014-02-12 16.11.53


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