Holiday Shopping

A couple weeks ago, a sweet older lady moved into our house. Tasha was abandoned by her previous owners when they moved and left the 10 year old Saint Bernard locked in a garage. A kind neighbor began taking care of her, but was unable to keep her. The good Samaritan helped her put on some weight, beat a flea infestation, and get back on her feet, then contacted Old Dog Haven to help her find a new home. That led her to us.

Lily, formerly Tasha

This weekend we took the newly renamed Lily on a big adventure to Tacoma and Lucky Dog Outfitters.

Lily looks at the ODH tree.

Lucky Dog Outfitters is a fantastic little shop which has a donation tree for ODH. People can pick a pooch from any of those with pictures and stockings on the tree and help fulfill their Christmas lists. The trees are in specialty pet stores like Lucky Dog Outfitters and Mud Bay across the Puget Sound area.

If you would like to help make some holiday wishes come true for these deserving dogs, please follow the Old Dog Have link above. Thanks and here’s to some happy holiday shopping.



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