Lasting Vick-tory


In 2007, authorities discovered 50-some dogs on a property belonging to NFL player, Michael Vick, as part of an investigation into a dogfighting ring. Up to that point, most of the dogs found in such investigations were simply deemed too dangerous to be rehabilitated and were euthanized. However, in this case, pit bull advocates came forward and offered to take on the daunting task of helping those dogs change from fighters to home companions. They took the name of their devil and claimed it as their own, becoming the Vick-tory Dogs.

gracie vick dogThey had faced a short, brutal life of violence, but were rescued, rehabilitated, and loved, with many successfully spending the past seven years as trusted and beloved companions. Today, a family said goodbye to their success story, a small black pittie named Gracie. For a touching look back at her story, follow this link.


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  1. I developed a real affinity for pit bulls after that case. I even started writing a novel featuring fighting dogs being rescued. Even though my own dogs are shepherds, I volunteer at an animal shelter where I’ve befriended and fallen in love with a lot of pits.

  2. wagsahoy says:

    Wow. It is good to see that some of these pups were salvaged from that experience. Hadn’t heard about this! Thanks so much for sharing! *wags* – Gilligan from

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