Superbowl preview


Forget baseball as America’s Favorite Pastime. When it comes to eyes on the screen, the good old US of A loves football. This upcoming weekend, millions of people will tune in to Superbowl XLIX to watch my Seattle Seahawks take on the ball-deflating New England Patriots. Many of those viewers will be watching for the real entertainment of the game, the commercials. Already this year, we’ve had controversy from an ad by GoDaddy featuring a lost dog which many people thought made light of backyard breeding. The ad was pulled by the internet hosting company after so many doglovers complained. There is also another lost dog ad sure to tug at the heartstrings, as Budweiser continues its saga of the little lab puppies that were such a hit in previous Superbowl spots. Before you see the complete ad during on of the many, many tv time-outs this Sunday, here is a chance to meet the pups who star in the 4.5 million dollar :30 clip.


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