A Face Only All of Us Could Love

Oogy the dog passed away today.

oogy crop The pit mix became a dog-world icon in 2010 when his disfigured face first graced the cover of, “A Face Only a Family Could Love.”

The story of the former bait dog who found love and happiness after such a violent beginning is one well known in the world of rescue. This time he put a tragic face on the well-worn tale, helping spread the word that it is often not pitbulls that are truly the monsters in the monsters in the scenario, but instead they are victims of the violence forced on them by humans. You can read more about Oogy here or on his Facebook page.

Rest easy, dear boy.



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  1. paws2smile says:

    Noooooo! 😦 Rest in peace puppy… I am glad that he at least got to experience love before he went to the Rainbow Bridge

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