Shocking Beagle Abuse

beagle kicked
Photo from Youtube screen grab.

A disturbing story out of Chicago today demonstrates how important it is to be very careful about who you hire to handle your pets. Staff at a Chicago apartment building spotted the so-called professional stepping on and kicking a beagle he was hired to walk. The disturbing scene was captured on video. They showed police who urged the owners to file a report.

The dog walker, who also owned the business, At Home Alone Pet Care, sent an email stating, “I am a despicable individual who did a horrible thing to a defenseless animal. I deserve all I am now receiving. I am ashamed of my actions.” He did not explain what led to his outburst. He also claims to be closing the business effectively immediately.

Jonathon Stenholt now faces charges of animal cruelty.

More details on this sad story is available here.

Remember, if you need someone to take care of your animals, be thorough in your interview process. Here are just a few tips about choosing the right dog walker for your dog.

1. Meet the prospective caretaker.

2. Ask for references- personal and professional.

3. Watch your animals behavior around them.

4. How many dogs do they care for at once?

5. What kind of training do they have?

6. Where will the dogs go?

If anything doesn’t make sense, or you or your dog don’t feel comfortable around a prospective walker, find someone else. There are many excellent caretakers available, don’t settle for less for your best friend.


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