Cool Idea for Hot Dogs

Summer doesn’t officially arrive for a couple weeks yet, but if your part of the country is anything like it is here, it feels like summer is in full swing. We’ve had temperatures in the upper 80’s all week and my long-haired pups are feeling the heat.

Here is a cool idea for your dogs during these warmer months: frozen treats. You can find frozen dog treats, like Frosty Paws, in your grocer’s ice cream aisle, but those can get expensive. For a cheaper, and maybe more fun treat, make it yourself.

We start with yogurt, blueberries, a little chicken broth, and peanut butter.

IMG_1125You can also add other dog friendly ingredients, such as banana, apples, or honey. Blend it well and fill an ice cream tray or freezer-safe cookie mold. IMG_1129We have a neat little tray from Safe Made.


Stick it in the freezer, wait a few hours and serve. Your dogs will love you even more for it.

IMG_1130With temperatures on the rise you should also start to think about how your dog can deal with the heat. If you take her with you in the car, keep in mind how quickly temperatures can soar inside a car to dangerous and even deadly levels. Even on an overcast 70* day, the interior of a car can get to killer temperatures in minutes.

If you leave your dog at home, be sure to leave out plenty of cool, clean water. If your dog is outside, also make sure there is shade available all day. The sun moves across the sky and those nice cool spots in the morning can be scorchers by afternoon.

This can be one of the best times of the year to spend with your best friend. Just use your head, stay cool, and beat the heat during those dogs days of summer.


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