Bombs Bursting in Air…


It’s a patriotic idea, celebrating our country’s independence with colorful explosions lighting up the night sky, but many of our dogs are fearful of those loud unexpected, and for them, unexplained noises. As we do every year, we want to lay out a few pointers to keep your dog safe over the Fourth of July holiday.

1. Don’t use fireworks around your dog.

2. Keep your dog securely locked inside, in a quiet, central room if possible.

3. Make sure your dog has ID, such as a microchip or current tags, in case he does get loose and run off.

4. Do NOT take your dog to large gatherings such as parades or outdoor fireworks displays.

5. If you know you live in an area with loud fireworks, check with your vet about possible sedation for the night to help calm your dog.

A few non-fireworks related tips for the holiday weekend:

Don’t feed your dog foods that he is not used to, such as barbecue or other grilled goodies.

Keep him away from the booze!

Remember, your best friend counts on YOU to make sure he is safe and secure. Take care of your pup and have a happy Fourth of July celebration.


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