Tragic and Senseless

Two police k9s are dead tonight. One died by the side of his handler after a gunfight with a domestic violence suspect. The other, died at the hands of his handler, who forgot his dog in a hot car for some twenty hours.

Courtesy: The Blade Newspaper

Falco, a Toledo K9,  was killed in the line of duty last night. You can read his heroic story here.

Earlier in the week in Texas, a Jim Wells County Deputy was fired after leaving his k9 partner, Jola, unattended in a hot car for nearly a full day.

The story of that unthinkable stupidity can be found by following this link. The only bit of brightness in the death of Jola, is that the department says it is now going to implement changes aimed at making sure this type of mistake is not made again.



Dpty and Jola

Rest in peace, Falco.

Rest in peace, Jola.

Your watch is over.


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