Monkey Business

“Take it easy take it easy
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and
My monkey.” -The Beatles circa 1968

“Darling, don’t you monkey with the monkey, hey
Monkey, monkey, monkey
Don’t you know you’re going to shock the monkey, hey, hey.” – Peter Gabriel circa 1982

There is a theory that dogs live in the moment and therefore don’t plan or think ahead. Anyone who subscribes to that has not seen my dogs interact with their stuffed monkey.

Bacchus loves his stuffed monkey. He carries it around the house squeaking it and shaking it with great delight. Buddy does not like Bacchus having the monkey.  Buddy doesn’t like Bacchus having anything and takes toys away from him frequently.

So, on this particular morning, Bacchus is running around having a good old time with his pink monkey when Buddy swoops in and grabs it.

Buddy with purloined pink monkey

Bacchus is a very understanding dog, and allows this, even though if it came down to it, Buddy is old and wobbly on his feet and Bacchus could force the issue pretty easily.  

So what happens instead?

Bacchus runs off and returns about two minutes later with his stuffed pig. He shakes the pig and pounces on it. Buddy watches him and gets more interested in the pig. Then, Bacchus drops the pig about three feet away from Buddy, who rushes over and grabs the pig.

At the same time, Baccus retrieves his monkey and runs off, happily squeaking it.

If that doesn’t demonstrate forethought and planning, even strategy, I don’t know what would. Thoughts?

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  1. paws2smile says:

    Hahaha! How brilliant! 😆

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