A Rainey Night

On this Wordless Wednesday, I want to pay tribute, not to one of the dogs in my life, but a cat.

Pixie, Daisy, Loki surround Rainey

Rainey, aka Fatty, joined our pack some 7 years ago. She ruled the house with an iron paw for several years, instilling fear in the dogs at times, and rewarding their fealty with kneading paws and licks at others. She even kept Heather and myself in check with her attitude. But she was a social cat, often going into the middle of the group of dogs and curling up so she could be close to them. She was also the rare cat who enjoyed getting her baths.

Recently , the old girl was having difficulties breathing and getting around, often losing her balance, and losing a significant amount of weight. She was diagnosed with heart failure and, today, we had to say goodbye. Thank you, Rainey, for the time you spent with us. I appreciate you tolerating us, even though we could never live up to your expectations. Rest in peace, sweet old girl.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. paws2smile says:

    I’m so sorry 😔

    1. Tony says:

      Thanks. She was a good cat.

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