Dogs About Town

One of the many great things about moving to Portland is how dog-friendly so many areas are. Nearly everywhere you go in this city, you see pooches out cavorting with their owners. With that in mind, we decided to take a couple of our pups on a weekend adventure.

We started with breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, after all. We went to the always popular, Pine State Biscuits. While dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant, this one, like many others, has a dog-friendly patio. It was a typical cool and damp Northwest morning, but the heaters had the covered patio nice and warm. Loki and Buddy settled in and we were set for a great start to our day. The pups got clean cooked scrambled eggs and split a sausage patty while I tucked in to a plate of biscuits and gravy.

The puppy bowls were licked clean in no time and once I downed my coffee, we went for a stroll through the neighborhood. The restaurant is situated in the Alberta Arts District, so we did a little early morning window shopping at the several funky boutiques and made some mental notes of the many delicious sounding restaurants.  Even at this early hour, many of the places had water bowls out for the dogs, so our guys were well hydrated as they piled into the spacious cargo area of our Ford Edge for the rest of our adventure.


Stop two on our morning adventure was at Tryon Creek State Park, a fifteen minute drive from the Portland core. It is lush and green with new spring growth. Small flowers are just beginning to peek up through the thick mat of leaves and mulch of the the forest floor. A great thing about this park is that it is good for all levels of walker/hiker. For this particular visit, we chose the short Trillium Trail, an ADA accessible paved path that winds through several scenic decks near the Nature Center. The park has a little something for everyone with paved bike paths, equestrian center, and dozens of trails for the more intrepid hikers crisscrossing the 645-acres of park.


Our adventure morning came to an end here, though, as the rain began falling a little harder than we were prepared for. The pups hopped into the SUV and we were able to relax knowing that the back of the vehicle was protected from those muddy paws thanks to our Molly Mutts™ cargo covers.


What adventures did you and your pups make this weekend?


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