Perros, perritos, and oh, so many gatos.


The American Canine was on the road again. This time, we found ourselves wandering the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Of course, during the visit we couldn’t help but be on the lookout for a few of our best friends. Many places in the Carribean and throughout Latin America have serious issues with stray dogs, but we did not see any unaccompanied canines during this trip. We did however, see many, many cats. Cats accompanied Spanish sailors during the colonization of the Carribbean and many cats could purportedly trace their heritage back to those mousers that first came to the Americas aboard those old galleons. Romantic as that sounds, it was sad to see so many cats in rough shape, scraggly and skinny, in every plaza, portico, and alley way we passed.

Cats of San Juan

So, here are a few of the photos of the trip for your viewing pleasure. Until next time, get out there and do something with your dog!


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