Talking Training with Deb Zappia


A very exciting podcast this week as I get the opportunity to talk to former world champion Deb Zappia.

Dave Kroyer, Deb Zappia, Eros, Sean O’Kane

Deb has trained in schutzhund for more than thirty years and in 2015 became the first American and only the second woman ever to win the World WUSV Championship!

Following that incredible feat, she didn’t rest on her laurels, she joined forces with some other powerhouse trainers and launched a brand new sport organization, American Schutzhund.

Click here to listen to this entertaining and very informative episode.

Zappia in Finland. Photo: Christina KEnnedy
“Dog Man, Take Point” Layton, UT

Here is the link to the story I mentioned about Lena Toritch’s latest project, a memorial dedicated to the US Military dogs of Vietnam.


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