Dogging Disney


It appears Disney has gone to the dogs recently with several canine characters stealing the show.

The classic canine and cop movie, Turner and Hooch, gets a redo with Josh Peck taking over leading man duties from Tom Hanks. Five French Mastiffs cover the pup-formance of Hooch.

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Turner & Hooch (2021)

Having watched only the first episode, I have to say, it is unabashedly terrible. Plot holes, leaps of logic, and massive amounts of misinformation about dogs in general and specifically about the role played by real life hero k9s in law enforcement. Maybe as a dog trainer, I am just a little oversensitive. Bad as it may be, I can see where a younger audience may enjoy the pratfalls and hijinks of Peck and the pooches. If watching an episode of this Disney disaster makes you long for the old version, find out what I thought of that from this blogpost.

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Hawkeye (2013)

Another Disney dog that has a lot more bark, steals the scene and more in Hawkeye. Lucky, the Pizza Dog makes the leap from one of the most beloved story lines of the Hawkeye comic to the latest Marvel series. The Executive Producer of the series said they had a long audition process to find the right dog to play the part and competition was “ruff.” Eventually they settled on a Golden Retriever named Jolt for the role. Jolt’s co-stars have wasted no time in dishing dirt on his disruptive on-set behavior, a propensity for chasing squirrels.  

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Dug Days (2021)

Speaking of squirrel-chasers, if you have some younger viewers in your house, another dog-centric Disney option is Dug Days. Based on the beloved character from the movie, UP, these shorts follow Dug and his misadventures in the backyard. 

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Dog (2022)

Stepping away from Disney for our last Hollywood hound, anticipation is high for the upcoming “Dog.” The buddy picture tells the story of two former Army Rangers — Briggs, played by Tatum, and Lulu, a Belgian Malinois, as they make their way down the Pacific Coast trying to make it to a soldier’s funeral. In many online circles, the movie already has professional dog handlers worried that this will ramp up demand for Malinois, also nicknamed Maligators, which aren’t necessarily the best family dogs or great pets for new dog owners. The canine actors came from renowned training facility, Gold Coast K9, and it is rumored that Tatum loved their dogs so much that he bought one for himself during filming. “Dog” bursts into theaters in February.


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