The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen

This morning, Buckingham Palace announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96.

The monarch’s reign has spanned eight decades and she has been the de facto face of the British Isles and England through countless triumphs and tragedies. However, the thing maybe most associated with her, other than the crown, is her corgis.

As the story goes, she received her first corgi, a dog named Susan, when Elizabeth was 18 in 1944. It was a love affair from then on. It is reported that she has owned more than thirty of the diminutive doggies throughout her life.

Back in 2015, she supposedly told people she did not want any more dogs, as she was concerned about what would happen to them in the event of her death.

In 2018, Whisper, the last of the queen’s bred corgis, died, marking the assumed end of the line. Despite her wish, when her husband Phillip was ill in 2021 she was given two Corgi pups, one of which still survives. Reports say she also has two other Corgis in the Royal residence along with a dorgi, from an accidental litter between one of her dogs and a Dachshund.

There is no definitive answer right now as to what will happen to the royal pups, but they will assuredly be well-taken care of.

Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

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