Unsung Hero


About a decade ago, as a fledgling professional trainer, I went to a training seminar that forever altered the way I thought about dogs. After that weekend of listening to John Rogerson talk not about training dogs, but communicating with dogs, and maybe more importantly letting them communicate with us, I began to rethink my training style and it has been a linchpin in my approach ever since. 

Rogerson passed away on December 31, 2022.

Details are vague, but he had just arrived in India for one of his famous street dog training camps and collapsed while still in the airport. 

John Rogerson spent decades working with dogs. Many people think of the pioneers of the current dog training movement and Ian Dunbar or Karen Pryor come to mind. To me, one of the key figures in changing the way we all think about our canine companions is Rogerson. His attitude of listen to the dog you’re working with and letting dogs be dogs made a huge impact on me. 

He was known for his extended training camps in India and China, where students would work with street dogs. I had actually signed up to go in about 2010, but an impending house purchase put the brakes on that plan. I have regretted that decision ever since. 

He also conducted CSI type seminars to help both professional detection dogs and sport nosework handlers. I have friends who attended these and have never heard anything but praises for his work.

There are many trainers who have more name recognition, but few that had his overall influence on dog training. He was truly an unsung hero in the field.

John Rogerson 1948-2022.


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