Episode 3- Guide Dogs for the Blind

The American Canine Podcast- Meet an alumni of Guide Dogs for the Blind. She has had a guide dog companion for more than 30 years. Find out why her dog is more than a best friend and learn how another guide dog graduate became a hero on 9/11 as we look back at the 19th anniversary of those terror attacks.

A Day to Remember

We all know where we were 19 years ago. We all know what we were doing and who we were with. None of us knew how the world would change. Never forget.

Great Losses

As I write this, the world and America especially is looking back 13 years to a quiet September morning that would change the world. Many in the canine community are posting stories and pictures of the four-legged heroes of that day. For a moment, contemplate the time that has passed. Thirteen years. Literally, a lifetime…