End of Watch

Every day, police officers across this country put their lives on the line to protect the communities they serve. Sometimes, that costs them dearly. This week, Tacoma PD K9 Barney ingested some methamphetamine during a raid. Despite being rushed to an emergency clinic, the heroic pooch lost his life.

Pixie’s Recovery or The 3-Day Buzz

So this is a bit (or very much) late. Pixie spent the night at ACCES. The docs consider 30mg/kg of body weight dangerous levels of phenobarbitol for dogs. Ms. Buttercup was pegging the needle at 64mg/kg. So, in addition to feeding her charcoal and inducing vomiting, they tried a relatively new treatment which injected lipids(fat) into…

Drugging your dogs

Pet prescription for behavioral problems is big business.Pet owners coughed up 7 BILLION dollars for the animal equivalent of drugs like prozac and xanax. Is it right?