End of Watch

Every day, police officers across this country put their lives on the line to protect the communities they serve. Sometimes, that costs them dearly.

This week, Tacoma PD K9 Barney ingested some methamphetamine during a raid. Despite being rushed to an emergency clinic, the heroic pooch lost his life.

Courtesy: Tacoma PD
Courtesy: Tacoma PD

According to the Olympian, the 11-year-old Labrador mix was helping during a warrant search Tuesday morning when he indicated there were illicit drugs in the area. During his search, his nose came in contact with a powdery substance which turned out to be meth residue. He was rushed to a nearby vet, but passed away later Wednesday evening. As of this writing, Pierce County prosecutors are mulling over changing the charges to include the death of Barney.

Meanwhile, officers at Seattle PD are saying goodbye to one of their own. K9 Dennis was diagnosed with cancer and is retiring. His vet says that while they originally planned on treatment, it is terminal and the dog has only a few months to live.

Courtesy:Seattle PD
Courtesy:Seattle PD
 Dozens of officers and their canine partners held a special retirement party today. The yellow lab has been working the streets with Officer Craig Williamson and will spend the remained of his life with Williamson and his family.

Rest easy, dear boys. We’ll take it from here.


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