Who could resist a face like this?

Let’s hope no one.

This is Pretty Girl… at least that is what I’ve been calling her since I picked her up at Thurston County Animal Services this afternoon. She is one of two dogs that I will be taking to the Kent Station adoptathon tomorrow. The other is a crazy eight month old male- also rescued from/by TCAS.
Much thanks to Connie there for all her help making sure these guys got sprung to make it to the event. Also a big thanks to Joyce- the primary contact down that way who made all the arrangements for getting them out.
So I took Snuffy and we made the roadtrip down to Olympia to get them. Then, we went immediately to Amore Petcare in Shoreline to bathe them for the big day. Thanks to Stephanie, the owner there for cutting us a break on the cost of a self-wash so these two would be huggable fresh for their public debut. She even suggested a special shampoo for Pretty Girl’s troubled skin and coat.
Then, the dynamic duo, who actually did not really get to socialize during their three weeks in the shelter, met The Pack.

I introduced Pretty Girl first as she was the gentler of the two. She was a little timid of Loki and his exuberant ways. She is, however, a LOVESUCK for attention from people. She sticks to my hip when we wander around the backyard and she has commandeered the space under the desk so she can be right here for any petting I feel a need to do.

Azar (because he’s a Big Boy) showed about ten seconds of hesitation before leaping (literally) into play with Loki.

Even Daisy got into the action a bit. This video is actually from the second round after I went and got the camera.

Remember me saying I had taken them to get all nice and clean for tomorrow? After a bout twenty minutes of play, Azar took a nice leisurely dip in the fish pond. I pulled him out, let him go … and he went back into the fish pond. So much for smelling nice.The fish also looked unhappy about the situation, zipping to and fro as a giant furball cavorted through their world.
Snuffy was also being his usual grouchy self. He doesnt have any patience or need for these young whippersnappers.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for these two. There is someone coming to the Kent Station Adoptathon especially to meet them. So, maybe by this time Saturday they will have a forever home.


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