the joy of dogs


If you ever doubt the healing power dogs or the simple joy they can bring, check out this story. It is about the therapy dog at Swedish Edmonds Hospital.

There’s also a pretty good story on it in the Seattle Times. There is also a touching story about yet another case of animal cruelty, however this one has a happy ending.

Also, I got a rather patronizing email from Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe about the State Senate’s failure to pass Sb 5649- the anti-tethering bill. She gives some pat rhetoric about how important it is to focus on the economy, etc. I guess she forgot the days lawmakers worked on tough subject like the steps required to get a hair dressers license (HB 1085) or -and I am not making this one up- Carpet Stewardship(SB 5110). With work like that on the docket, really, who has time to care about the thousands of dogs freezing and starving to death while chained alone to a tree in some redneck’s backyard?

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