If she were a horse…well, let’s not go there.

So at my feet right now is one of the most pitiful pups you have ever seen.

Last night, Daisy was out in the backyard with Loki being the typical the typical hyenas that that they are, jumping on each and running around the yard. When she came in she was limping a bit. As the night went on, she limped a bit more.

Thinking she had simply stubbed a toe or pulled a muscle I put everyone to bed. In the morning, Heather woke me up by handing me the phone and saying I needed to call the vet to see if they could look at Daisy’s foot.
Now, I admit, I thought we might be those overly protective pet-parents, but I took her in anyway.
An x-ray later and we see that the poor girl has broken her toe  IN 3 PLACES!
Somehow, she shattered the far outside toe. She is now wearing a cast(pretty pink) and will be making several trips back to see our friends at Northwest Veterinary Clinic to re-bandage and check on her poor foot.

 Here is what could be the worst (and most difficult) part. She is on restricted movement for 6-8 weeks. Leash walks, no jumping, no running, no playing. So, we are going to have to come up with some creative ways to keep her from driving us crazy while she recovers. Any suggestions to keep a dog occupied?


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