Questionable behavior?


So Daisy is recovering from her injury. She has been back to the vet twice. Because of some miscommunication she ended up getting a bit of a skin irritation under the splint, but that has been treated. She is also doing too much which could hamper the healing process. So, when she goes to work with me, she is relegated to laying behind the desk. On this particular day she had two visitors.

Both were young puppies. Copper is a beautiful pitbull about 12 weeks old. Lily is a pocket beagle about 4 months old. She is a bit of a terror and will really be a handful if her doting owners don’t do something quick.
What really struck me as odd was Daisy’s reaction to each.
Lily was the first visitor.

Daisy got very excited. She play bowed and “chased” the little girl around the small office space. Lily would hide under the cot, then leap out and “attack” Daisy. From all appearances Daisy loved it. In fact, too much. I had to pull Lily out so Daisy would not aggravate her foot.
Copper came next. He is a sweetheart with golden eyes that will melt your heart. He is not nearly as rambunctious as Lily. However, Daisy did not seem very keen on the little guy. She outright snubbed him at first. Corrected him once when he was trying to solicit attention. Finally, she gave up and allowed him to pester her a bit, tolerating msot of his foolishness, but giving a number of low growl corrections. I could not see what he was doing that irritated her, but there was obviously something different about him than Lily that she did not like. Now I wish I had grabbed some video of that so I could look for the little signs. And yes, I do feel a bit bad about putting little Copper in harm’s way to further my personal interests. 🙂


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