Have a fun 4th, but be safe.

The Fourth of July can be an exciting and fun time for people, with a lot of amazing fireworks, a few cold drinks, and a long weekend. Your dog may not feel the same way about this All-American holiday.

Many shelters report this as the busiest time of year as many dogs become excited (or terrified) of the lound booms and bangs and escape their backyard or home looking for safety.

First, leave your dog at home. We may want to share our lives with our best friends, but this is one night that they would be better off in a safe, comfortable environment that they are familiar with.

Keep your dog indoors with doors and windows closed. Even the most mild mannered pup can knock out a screen and go running when they feel they are threatened. Keep them in a room toward the inner portion of your house if possible to dampen the loud explosions. Keep them in their crate if they are crate trained. (They are, RIIIIGHT?!) Keep some low music or a tv playing to minimize the noise of fireworks.

Get your dog a lot of exercise during the day so they will not be as amped up when the nighttime festivities begin. However, use common sense and good judgement when it comes to working your dog in warm weather- but that’s another post to come.

If you are hosting an event, make sure to keep alcoholic drinks away from the pups. Curiosity may tempt them to try the drinks and can lead to some awful (and even deadly) results. Same goes for snacks. Keep people food away from the pups.

I hope you all have a great holiday. Have fun and be safe.


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