A Bad Taste


The AVMA has recently taken what I consider its worst stance in years. The group has formally announced its opposition to raw food diets for animals.

Many people do not realize how little veterinarians are required to know about animals (and for my purposes canine) nutrition. I am sure many of you have walked into your vet’s office and  seen the stacks of bags of dog food. Usually it is Science Diet. Not surprisingly, the company churning out these bags of “prescription” kibble are also the ones behind a majority of the studies proving the nutritional advantages of kibble over raw. The major pet food manufacturers are also the groups behind countless seminars and conferences on pet/dog health and nutrition. So, the makers of dog food, the ones who stand to gain if people buy kibble over raw are the ones leading the opposition. Vets also get money for the sale of these foods and those kickbacks are a strong motivator to support a product or brand.

The veterinarian group claims that health safety is one of their main concerns, citing the risks of salmonella, e.coli, listeria, and more contagious diseases. Funny enough, there has never been a case in the U.S. of any of these connected to raw feeding. That is in stark contrast to the spate of processed dog food recalls over the past months. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/newpetfoodrecalls/

The decision to take this position against raw also flies in the face of an untold amount of anecdotal evidence. I personally have used raw and seen amazing results in dogs of all ages. Everyone I have met who endorses a raw diet has similar stories to tell. Not one has seen their dog become sick and die from a raw diet, although, sadly that is not the case among those feeding the so-called “safe” products pushed by the AVMA.

It does not take long to dig up the connections between the pet food industry, the AVMA, and the AAHA(American Animal Hospital Association). The incestuous relationships make this feel like a calculated, greedy and completely political move fueled by misleading and manipulated evidence as muddy as anything being thrown around during this election year.

I am not writing this to entice you to feed raw. I do and I am happy about it, but what you feed your dog is your business. What I would like you to do is take a minute before you make Fido his next meal and read the ingredients. Learn about what you are giving your dog. Question your vet when they tell you one thing is better than another. What I am asking is that you do right by your dog, because he will always do right by you.



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