Taking on one of the best

This past weekend, Loki got an incredible opportunity to work with one of the best helpers in the sport of schutzhund.

armin loki 1
Loki on the tug with Armin Winkler 11/17

Photo: Karen Bostwick

Since the Lokster doesn’t blog, it is up to me to lay out the details.

We train weekly with the Twin County Schutzhund Club. This week, we got a special visit from Armin Winkler. Armin has been in the field since he was a child in Germany. His parents were active in the sport and a young Armin followed in their footsteps until he was old enough and good enough to leave some impressive tracks of his own. He has done some groundbreaking work with police dogs, military, protection, and of course, sport dogs. He has been a helper for international competitions and translated one of the most important books in the sport into English.

armin loki 2
Loki grabs the bite pillow with Armin Winkler. Tony-handler

Photo: Karen Bostwick

Watching him work, it is easy to see his affinity for the dog. He interacts well, even with dogs like Loki who may not be champions in the field. He really brings out the best in the dogs. He also has an easy demeanor with people. I am pretty much a novice in the sport, but he made me feel comfortable, explaining his goals for the individual dogs, what he was trying to get from Loki and the other dogs, and why he was doing some of the things he was doing while working them. It was an impressive display.

On behalf of TCSC and from Loki, I want to give a very big thank you for all the effort he put forth.

I know Loki enjoyed his turn at the helper, and I k now I got a chance to see an expert work.

Now, we have to go, Loki is ready to hit the track.

Loki on the track
Loki on the track

Photo: Karen Bostwick


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