Wordless Wednesdays 2/25/15

loki w dave - Copy

I don’t put a lot of it in the blog, but Loki and I train in the sport of Schutzhund. It is a lot of fun and has helped him learn focus and control. I am also our club helper and get the incredible opportunity of helping some of these great people and fantastic dogs develop their skills in this 100-plus year old sport. These are a few pictures of Loki and myself from the past few months.


loki ann 2

loki bench

Loki heel

loki shhh

Barretta - CopyHelper work


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  1. thedogvine says:

    Wow, that looks incredible! I didn’t know too much about the Schutzhund sport so it’s really interesting to see these great photos. Loki looks like he is very focused (and enjoying it!)

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