And the winner is…


It is only fitting that now, during Oscar season, the AKC hands out the award for most popular dog breed in the US. This popularity contest is based solely on the number of puppies and new dogs registered with The American Kennel Club, and of course, does not accurately reflect all the dogs living in our homes.

This year’s winner is, as has been the case for nearly the last quarter century, the labrador retriever.

2014-08-13 09.41.50
Mortimer the Lab

Labs set the record for most consecutive year in the top spot last year. The old record holder, the Poodle, currently sits at seventh in the rankings.

The rest of the top five are German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, English Bulldog, and Beagle. This is the first time the Bulldog has made it into the top five and it’s cousin, the French Bulldog has returned to the top ten for the first time since the 1910s. You can get more info if you follow this link.

Again, these rankings are derived from breeder stats unreleased by the AKC and based on registered dogs for the year. Not surprising, a breed that truly holds a special spot in the country’s heart is nowhere on the list. It is far and away my favorite breed. The Rescued Dog.

rescued print


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